Security Features

Security Features

Card Security

Secure ID Documents
Cube ID works with global partners in the industry to manufacture and personalize secure identity documents such as national IDs, driving licenses, passports, voting cards, health cards, number plates, and vehicle registration certificates among others. Depending on the project requirements our secure ID documents come with holograms, magnetic stripes, contact or contactless chips and cryptographic modules. These identity documents are being used in national scale projects around the world including Tajikistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Each of these documents has complex security features built in different layers and strictly adheres to international standards. We keep in mind the following levels of security when designing our products:

·         Level 1 security features – For naked-eye cursory inspection

·         Level 2 security features – For examination by trained personnel with equipment

·         Level 3 security features – For inspection by specialists, requiring special equipment

·         Level 4 security features – Only known by customer

We have also developed end to end modules for personalization, lifecycle management, inventory and stock control, and delivery of secure ID documents.