Machinery for Plates Personalization

Machinery for Plates Personalization



Embossing Press machine

Machine name: CID-E3101


The embossing press is a unique solution, which guarantees full integration of number plates production process with central data base of vehicles registry and production management software.

Being a bridge between registry and production management embossing press CID-E3101 provides full security of production, as press will not accept any other order, than the one sent from integrated software. On top of this the operator can not emboss the wrong number, as press recognise letter and numbers he intents to emboss and check with the current order. This feature removes also all potential typing errors of operator, what increase the efficiency and reduce wastage of the production process.

To ensure full traceability, access to the press is allowed only for operators, who are authenticated and authorised to operate the machine. The production manager can control the machine remotely and distribute orders between machines in LAN network.

Basic technical parameters:

  • touch screen 10’
  • contactless card reader/finger print scanner built in
  • 2D or 3D code reader built in
  • voice and light alerts built in
  • thermal printer built in
  • RFID based recognition of sequence of letters and numbers
  • embossing time: above 300 plates/h (serial production)
  • power supply voltage: ~ 230 V or ~ 400 V


Hot stamping machine

Machine name: CID-E3102


Stamping machine offered by Cube ID is a solution for centralized and/or decentralized number plates personalisation centers. With its high production speed it can produce up to 300 number plates per hour in a single working mode. Easy to use and maintain is a good proposal for all governmental and semi governmental bodies.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 230V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: up to 1.3 kW (average)
  • 8 production speeds
  • Tension and pressure control


Punch Machine

Machine name: CID-E3103


Punch offered by Cube ID is the portable device to make proper holes for number plates mounting. The punch is pneumatic and use of compressed pressure is giving a warranty of proper punching of aluminum or any other material of number plate.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Pressure: 8-9 Bar
  • Maximum distance between holes – 500 mm
  • Up to 4 holes punched in one go
  • Cutting force: up to 3.5 kN


Shredder Machine

Machine name: CID-E3104


Shredder offered by Cube ID is the efficient solution for delegalisation of number plates as well as other documents. With its high capacity and industrial design one machine can cover delegalisation needs of medium side country. Very compact design, and easy maintenance are making this machine one of the most attractive solutions on the market.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 230V /50Hz
  • Power consumption: up to 2.0 kW (average)
  • Unequal parts after processing