The Cube ID application can be used for every biometric enrollment process related to ID cards, driving license or civil registry. It is important to make this process user friendly as well as efficient to capture all data reliably.

Major features include:

  1. On-line pre-enrollment with on-line appointment system
  2. Multilingual support
  3. Demographic data capture
  4. Biometric data capture (Photo, fingerprint, signature)
  5. Application auto update
  6. Export/import enrollment records
  7. Interface to allow manually resolution enrollment conflicts and errors
  8. On-line and off-line role-based access control
  9. User activity tracking
  10. Device diagnostics with connection status notifications
  11. The system allows the use of a single key (like the space bar) to move through the principle steps in the capture process in order to allow the operator to focus attention on the customer
  12. Live notification to administrators in case of server errors, auto send error reports with log file for troubleshooting
  13. Automated alerts to managers for enrollment problems
  14. Supports off-line mode enrollments and auto-sync with server when connected.
  15. Asynchronous uploads so that new enrollments can continue even during slow upload speeds.
  16. Validate uploads after a certain duration to make sure uploads were successful.
  17. Keep backup of uploads for a certain duration and clean-up when that expires.
  18. Adjudication Interface to resolve AFIS hits.

Our solution is hardware and AFIS agnostic, so we are able to integrate it with any device and biometric matching system.

Enrollment Kits

Cube ID has designed its own mobile and portable enrollment kits, which are ideal for using in remote areas. To sustain in every conditions, we are providing mobile kits in IP 67 suitcases, which are attested according to NATO and US Army standards.

The all-in-one ready to use system usually comes with:

  1. Laptop
  2. Fingerprint scanner (2-4-10 fingers)
  3. Camera
  4. Signature pad
  5. Receipt Printer
  6. Spare Keyboard/Mouse
  7. Backdrop
  8. Rugged weather proof transport case
  9. Fully integrated hardware & software
  10. Secure Data Storage
  11. Long Battery Life
  12. Multiple Connectivity Options – WiFi, RJ45, RJ11, USB, WAN, GPRS and EDGE.

We have a flexibility to customize our kits and make them ideal for each and single project.