Number Plates

CUBE ID  is providing high security registration vehicle plates along with all available on the market security features. On top of this Cube ID has its own features, which improve the security level of number plates, which we consider as semi identity documents.
Our high security number plates have the following features:

  • Retro-reflective surface with letters and numbers covered with hot stamping foil. Our license plates have a high quality retro reflective sheeting, which is laminated and embossed. This sheeting provides excellent visibility during day time and high reflectivity at night.
  • Chromium based hologram: Hot-stamping process makes the chromium based hologram extremely durable. It cannot be tampered with or removed or replaced. The holograms are easily visible with the naked eye for easy verification of possible fraud or tampering.
  • Anti-tampering device: The license plates can be delivered with snap locks for attaching the plate to the vehicle body. The use of snap locks prevent removal and re usability of the license plate. Any tampering with the snap lock is easily detectable.
  • Laser mark: A laser mark acts as a watermark and cannot be erased.

Number plates offered by Cube ID have customised design and size. We help customers providing our consultancy on best solution for each country.