ID Cards & Epass

Cube ID’s aim is to provide ID documents for governmental projects, where new and innovative solutions are expected.  We have experience in supplies and personalisation of blank cards and passports according to ICAO and ISO standards and requirements.

Cards Material and Design

There are different materials, to be used in ID cards.

PVC – material, which is recommended for small volumes with multiple personalisation centres.

PET – Durable material, which can be used in multiple personalisation model and its security level and durability is high. Disadvantage is high cost of personalisation machinery compering to PVC printers. There are different PET materials, from which PET-F is the most suitable for ID projects, like driving license cards.

Polycarbonate (PC) – highest level of security with 10 years durability guarantee. Recommended for single personalisation centre model with high number of cards production.
In our projects we are using all above mentioned materials, depends on the project’s needs. All of them we can provide with contactless inlays or contact modules, what should be a standard in modern ID programms. In all these card types we can incorporate various unique security features, which are making our cards secured and difficult to be counterfeit.

Passport booklets

Nowadays on the market there are 3 generations of passport booklets:

  • Regular paper passport booklet – first (out of date) generation of travel documents.
  • MRP passport booklet – second generation of passports, which are machine readable. MRP standards have been issued by the ICAO with an area set aside where most of the information written as text is also printed in a manner suitable for optical character recognition.
  • E-Passport booklet called also “biometric passport” has an embedded contactless chip what is a requirement of ICAO standard. This chip contains data about the passport bearer, a photographic portrait in digital format, and data about the passport itself. Many countries now issue biometric passports, in order to speed up clearance through immigration and the prevention of identity fraud.

Cube ID is offering all types of booklets, however we are promoting e-Passports with highest security and most advanced biometrics and cryptography. The market estimations are saying that within next 5 years most of countries will implement e-Passports as an official travel document. In offered ePassports we can provide the chip in the booklet cover or in the booklet data page.