EVR – Electronic Vehicle Registration

EVR uses RFID tags that are attached to a vehicle to give it a unique identifier and, if so required, to store additional information. RFID readers collect such information and combine it with other relevant information from other sources to allow for a range of services such as:

  • Verification of vehicle registration, tax and fee payments
  • Enforcement of traffic regulations
  • Predictive analysis of traffic patterns and flows
  • Automatic toll collection
  • Vehicle access control

Depending on the particular needs of the project, we select tags that can be attached to either the windshield or the license plate. Similarly, several types of fixed readers and antennas can be installed on poles, overpasses, bridges or other infrastructures for reliable data acquisition. For particular applications, handheld readers can be employed.

EVR can be successfully applied to:

  • Automate vehicle registration, eliminating all the inefficiencies and hassles of manual processes. An on-line enrolment system lets citizens register their vehicle from any Internet connected device, including smart phones. High security vehicle ownership cards can be used as additional proof of ownership.
  • Reduce car theft, duplicative use of license plates or other fraudulent activities.
  • Increase the transparency and accountability of government agencies while growing tax and toll revenues.

Cube ID’s EVR can be provided with built-in API so that law enforcement and transport authorities can access select data in their pursuit of crime resolution and traffic monitoring.