Traffic ID Documents

Driving license and VRC

Cube ID is specialised in all matters related to vehicle and driver identification, such as registers of vehicles and drivers, driving licences, vehicle registration certificates, etc. The aim of Cube ID is to offer solutions, which enable link between all of the mentioned areas with the benefit for all the engaged parties.

Once there is a plan to develop a new system architecture it is the right moment to ask us a question: how to create an up-to-date system to bring maximum benefit for our country and citizens. There are a lot of tools to use. One of them can be biometrics. It is easy to imagine, that the policeman verifies identity of the driver based on his fingerprint. Going further why not to use RFID to read and check vehicle data just by one click even without stopping the car? With use of available and relatively cheap technology this wish can come true quite easily. These are only examples and there is much more options available.

Cube ID, with its philosophy to provide complete solutions is offering also traffic ID documents. Usually we promote smart cards with contact modules or contact less inlays. We are flexible with card material, so we can provide polycarbonate, PET or PVC cards. Cards can come with all available on the market security features, as well as with our own innovative features.

We have successful implementations, which proves our competence and innovativeness.