RFID based Identification

Cube ID offers RFID labels for purpose of vehicle identification, toll collection and access control. We integrate RFID hardware with our solution, leveraging flexibility, performance, power efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our RFID stickers for vehicle tracking are being used in numerous vehicle registration projects around the world.

RFID sticker is produced in the form of a self-destructive, self-adhesive, highly securitized windscreen label. Stickers are equipped with RFIDTransponders. Printing is done in parallel while printing number plates and vehicle certificates.

Tracking vehicles through RFID provides the following benefits to different government organizations:

  • Allows monitoring of vehicle movement
  • Gives access to instant vehicle movement history lookup
  • Vehicles added to watch list will trigger instant notification
  • Allows authority to conduct ad hoc checkpoints with handheld devices
  • An alternative for windshield sticker can be a RFID passive hard tag installed on the license plates of the vehicle. This solution is recommended for 2-wheelers mainly, where there is no possibility to stick the high security sticker